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punk rock hairstyles for long hair girls who try to make their "fake" curls stay at least a couple of hours but they will never win. You have gorgeous rebel curly hair! Do you have any suggestions for curly hair girls who are looking for a punk hairstyle?

It might also be better because chances are that you have a lot of hair, and curly hair usually have a huge volume anyway, so shaving the sides of your head, or just one, will look forum amazing on you. Style you hair with some hair pins and hairspray though, because when you comb them on a side they will likely rebel and try to get all over the place. You'll need to make a commitment and carefully blow dry them on the side you want to keep them, or your hair part will never stay put. Don't be afraid to go short! Short curly hair are delightfully edgy and look amazing. The Crazy hairdye, dyeing your curly hair a crazy color will make a much stronger impact than straight hair! Have you ever thought about it? Have a look at the gallery below and you'll se we are right. If you dye your curly hair a bright red you'll look like a punk version of Disney's Merida from The Brave. How awesome is that? You can choose any other bright color though: petrol green, blue, hot pink, purple, even bleached blonde (think about Spike from Buffy The vampire Slayer.

punk rock hairstyles for long hair

Punk rock hairstyles, for Women, hairstyles for Women

So youve got bags of attitude and all the ideas in the world to make a bold statement through your hair. You love standing out from the crows and you've always rocked edgy outfits, bright makeups and you are a punk at heart. But you happen to have curly hair and you have no idea on how to style it, because they're as rebel as you are. Even your hair is wild at heart, and you need some tips tricks on how to style them shampoo and make them match your overall look. You've come to the right place, we've got you covered! Get some inspiration for your next curly punk 'do. The sidecut, there are absolutely no issues at all in having the side of your head shaved if you have curly hair.

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The unexpected buzzed side contrasts the cheek-grazing curly bangs. It is something that you may not think before you see photo, which proves why its truly a cool idea to mix opposites. #10: Flicked Mohawk with Shaved Sides. When you think of short punk haircuts, the mohawk is most likely the first one that springs to mind. Its a timeless, cool look. For girls, you can make it more feminine by flicking out the longer strands along the center of your head, and adding some detail to the shaved parts on the side. #11: Pompadour with Undercut, the pompadour is the mohawks cousin, and it is just as edgy.

punk rock hairstyles for long hair

If you didnt think that rainbows could be punky, her locks will convince you otherwise. The gray-blue undercut section keeps this badass as opposed to sweet. #7: White Blonde cut with buzzed Sides. Punk hairstyles for women focus either on color or on texture along with contrasts in hair length. This one lets the choppy texture play the first fiddle, and the undercut only enhances the statement those haphazard layers make.

#8: Voluminous White mohawk, the mohawk is a classic punk style. Contrary to what some might think, there are numerous different versions to play around with. Spike horns are expected, so, try something different. Her shaved do creatively merges a pompadour and a hawk. #9: Punk textured hair with Long Bangs. Its amazing what a well-placed undercut can do to a head of hair.

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An easy way to upgrade to a tougher look is simply incorporating a bit of color—or a lot of it in this case. If you are openingszin going to go with a recognizable style like a mohawk, its best to pair it with a color that isnt as regularly used. Blues come in a variety of shades, so why not try a modern blue green instead of other overused hues? Source #5: Chocolate Cherry Chop, here is a color and cut combo for women who are all about balance. Not every bold haircut needs a bold color—that might be too obvious. Instead, accent your choppy cut with a shaved droogshampoo detail with a gothic twist in a deep burgundy hue. Its unexpected, which is the definition of punk rock. Source #6: teased rainbow Mohawk, what a magnificent blend of different colors!

punk rock hairstyles for long hair

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Try adding a winged eyeliner as shown. #2: Smoke and Berries, pastel colors are probably the last thing people think of when describing punk rock hair, but they havent seen a style like this before. By mixing huidaandoeningen a smoky grey color into the light lavender hue, it creates hardness within the soft look thats full of juxtapositions from the romantic curls to the closely clipped sides. It is a perfectly complex style for a woman of mystery. Source #3: Dark and Dramatic, skip the standard pixie cut and create a short punk hairstyle with some exaggerated aspects like the buzzed hairline around the ears and a long pointed bang. A rich black hue is always dramatic and stylish. Its a great option for women who are rockers at heart, but have to tone it down for the day job. Source #4: Trouble in Turquoise.

Pixie, mohawk and fauxhawk are 3 most common short haircuts used for punk hairstyles. The mohawk suggests shaving the sides of your head. It its sounds too challenging, opt for a fauxhawk or Pixie haircut which are more universal and easy to style with gel, crème or wax. You have probably noticed that some of the punk images seem overworked and grotesque. However, its always openingszin possible not to step over the borderline, separating style from bad taste. Here is a collection of photos where punk hairstyles do not look cheap or bombastic, although they are daring and bold enough to rock your imagination and make you think: Well, i definitely want to try this one. Many will probably gravitate towards bright colors for their short punk hairstyle, but you know that bleached strands make an equal impact, if not more. Theres a slight sexiness and a casual coolness to the look that would suit many women. Want to enhance the impact?

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Punk hairstyles are extremely popular among young people, especially those who are in search of themselves. They are anything but boring and ordinary, thats why we are so tempted to try them. Besides, punk hairstyles help you to express yourself, showing the haarkleur world what you are really like deep inside. Maybe its just your temporary state but showing it off helps to accumulate the harmony you have in your heart and soul. Punk style offers variety to everyone, who wants to try. The most fantastic thing is you can both go after radical changes or remain within your usual image, diluting it with those elements of punk style you like the most. Basically it suggests a rebellious nature expressed in jagged lines, geometrical forms, varied angles, spikes, bold color accents and sharp contrasts of shapes, lengths and colors.

Punk rock hairstyles for long hair
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